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Essential Yoga & Oils

On Friday, March 23rd, The Yoga Fook is teaming up with DoTerra Essential Oil Specialist Donna Earley for an evening of sensory awareness, healing, and yoga! In this 1 1/2 hour special workshop, you will receive basic knowledge of essential oils, their use, and benefits, and a sampling of 3 oils we will use in a special Heal / Restorative combination class. $25 - must signup in advance at The Yoga Folk. Hope to see you there!

The Original Yoga Before Beer is Back!

Join The Yoga Folk at Conny Creek Brewery on March 14, 2018 at 6:30pm for a 1 hour Power yoga class... on site at the brewery! After class enjoy a FREE pint of Conny Creek Brew, hang out, and get to know our yogis and the Brewmaster and CC staff! The Yoga Folk "In The Community" is a great way to get introduced to yoga and other local businesses in a fun new way! Join us - $15 in advance at the studio.


Hashtag "I Practice Because" - Why do you practice? Is it to become more flexible? Is it to get stronger? How about increase stamina and gain more energy? Feel younger? How about just feeling better overall? Well, whatever your reason for practicing yoga... keep it up! And for those of you that haven't taken a yoga class yet - what're ya' waiting for? Regular yoga practice can help with all of these things as well as reducing stress, grow lean muscle mass, improve posture and clarity of thought, and a whole bunch more!

One Studio. Three Classes. Endless Benefits.


Restore is a gentle, quiet, restful, and relaxing yoga practice that focuses on the connective tissue in the body. with nearly all of the practice on the floor and postures held for longer periods of time. Props can be used, such as blankets, pillows, and blocks while the lights are dimmed with soft music/sound playing. Students feel very rested after practice; it's a chance to clear your mind and reset your body, letting go of outside distractions and stimuli.


Heal is designed for all levels, from beginner to experienced students and is based on the original hot yoga. The room is hot and you will execute a set series of beginner postures; advancing within them as your practice grows from each class. This series includes floor and standing postures (none of which put weight on the hands). Each class will challenge you and focus on developing your balance, building light strength, aligning your posture, and strengthening your spine.


Power is an athletic, strength-based class that uses vinyasas, a flowing movement between postures with push-ups. Breathing during practice is essential, allowing you to stay calm during more strenuous and strength-based postures; combined with balance, stretching, and spine-work. The postures vary from class to class and the room is hot. This class will benefit you if you are interested in working towards, or can do, push-ups. We now also offer a "Power Lite" class for those of you with shoulder and wrist issues.

#ipracticebecause • Join the Movement!

Our Teachers Are Educated, Experienced, and Certified

So, what does that mean exactly? 500+, 300+, or 200+ Hour Certified Yoga teachers are directly linked to the founders and lineages of modern yoga. These founders of modern yoga in India were Yogiraj Tirumalai Krishnamacharya and Yogiraj Paramahansa Yogananda. Both are credited with teaching the great teachers who would bring yoga to the West. These notable teachers were Indra Devi, Pattabhi Jois, B.K.S. Iyengar, and Bishnu Ghosh and would go on to teach their students such as Sharath Jois, Rajashree Choudhury, and Bikram Choudhury (the Choudhury's created modern “hot yoga”), Tim Miller, Kino MacGregor, Baron Baptiste, and Bryan Kest. These teachers would then directly teach their students in the style they were taught. This training would take many years of study. Once they had proven their knowledge and skills with their own practice of the yoga postures and their ability to instruct others, they would become teachers.

Every Teacher Has a Teacher

Every teacher has a teacher. Studying to become a yoga teacher is more than getting a certificate, and certainly longer than a week or a weekend. It is the ongoing Raja Yoga of self-study. It is dedicating oneself to a practice and a lineage, and only when ready and proficient in that practice, and all it entails (contraindications, modifications, safe and proper sequencing) does one begin to teach. Teachers have at minimum 200 hours of study with a teacher who is linked to these lineages. That is the practice, art, and craft of becoming a yoga teacher.

Our Teachers Have Over 2000 Dedicated Hours of Teacher Training

All of our teachers at The Yoga Folk have had a minimum of 200 dedicated hours of yoga teacher-training directly linked to renowned yoga teachers and lineages from around the world. Between us, we carry over 2000 hours of training and 30 years of experience in teaching yoga. Be assured that no matter where your practice is- brand new or advanced- you will learn from experienced, quality teachers who will assist you, your goals, and your needs.